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Being In A Boygroup THE STRIKE BOYS

10 canciones

47:06 minutos


Being In A Boygroup ! Tommy Yamaha and Martin Kaisa are The Strike Boys and as such they have never been friends of one-dimensional grooves. Already their magnificent eclectic debut ?Selected Funks? (which was released on the ground breaking breakbeat label Wall of Sound in 1998) leads from old school electro to digital-dub and soul/funk. A mixture in which they combine superb guest-vocals that transform their tracks into catchy hits with fresh melodic style. Since then they kept their mix of genres as a trademark. Also on their second album ?Grapefruit Flavoured GreenTea Time? and on their last masterpiece ?Playtime? The Strike Boys stroke against any border and so they fuse reggae, funk, breakbeat, house and electro in their unique way. The roots of their tracks have been mostly dub, with heavy hitting bass pressure that gives a kind of signature to the two boys from Nuremberg. For this, the club goers love them all around the planet from China to America. Their singles went to the top of the dance charts in diverse countrys and their remixes for artists like Bounty Killer, Tom Jones or Carl Douglas showed how well they can work an original sound into a inimitable Strike-Boys-Tune. Now the South-German studio nerds catch new adventures with their fresh album ?Being In A Boygroup?. They fire the dance floor with synthetic beats, dirty indie rock-hooks, rough screams and cool digital grooves. For this they write POP in big letters and even Strike Boy, Tommy Yamaha, for the first time in the long history of the duo, grabs the mic. But it is not only his timbre that elevates the compact energising tracks to something more then just an ordinary functional club track. Also guests like Thomas Lang, singer of the German indie rock sensation The Robocop Kraus, Earl Zinger (the man also known as Rob Galliano) and Chris Corner, charismatic front man of IAmX, transform the tunes with their vocals to songs that last longer than a club season. All this on top of a wild mixture of rhythms winding between disco, electro, house, rock and even a little reggae-riddim. As a boy-group you should have more then one facet to keep your style fresh and irresistible. This is now the fourth time that The Strike Boys have achieved this in their own eclectic modern musical language.